English–Czech Translator

Tomas Mosler. Translating your worlds.


I provide the following English–Czech linguistic, management and post-production services:

Translation – includes translation, a final revision (spell check & grammar check) and (when applicable) quality assurance (QA) – comparison of the currently translated document(s) with each other or with earlier documents to make sure that the style is consistent (or, in case of specific marketing campaigns, that the registry is more rich and identical ideas are expressed with various formulations).

Localization – includes a translation of software (whether for a desktop computer or for a mobile device) or a web site. Special attention is paid to the context, functional elements and space restrictions. (Czech language is more complex and flexible than English language. The context is essential in choosing the most appropriate translation, as several expressions that are written one identical way in English – for example “set” or “update” – are written differently in Czech depending on the exact meaning. (Is “set” name of a button that serves for setting the preferences, or name of a tab where a set of results is shown?)

Editing – includes revision of style, grammar, punctuation, typography, formatting; typos are fixed. Comparison against the source text is done (to ensure factual correctness and consistency).

Proofreading – includes revision of style, grammar, punctuation, typography; typos are fixed. In contrast to editing, no comparison against the source text is done (formatting/layout and translation accuracy is not reviewed).

Transcreation – includes a creative translation (typically slogans and advertisements) consisting of two alternatives and a back-translation from Czech into English.

Localization quality assurance (testing) – includes a review of the localized software or web site to make sure that everything is shown correctly and works as expected.

Text control – includes a review of the final PDF or graphic file to make sure that all content is displayed and that there are no corrupted characters, unsuitable line breaks or incorrect formatting (e.g. font type or tables).

Language lead – includes “standard editing” service as defined above, but the difference is that the editing is provided for the work of several translators working on the same project. That means that in addition to normal editing, consistency of terminology and style is revised (and introduced if needed) in the texts from different translators, rather than only from one translator, and a feedback is provided (if necessary) in relation to the preferred unified style.

Back-translation – includes a translation from Czech into English (reversed pair) for informative purposes only (e.g. when it is necessary to evaluate the appropriateness of the proposed English–Czech translation; typically used for transcreation or market research texts).

Team translation & project management – in case your project is extensive or the deadline is short, or if you wish to have an independent proofreading arranged by me, I can team up with reliable fellow English–Czech translators to make sure you receive a perfect final translation on time. Translation is distributed and shared in batches and consistency and accuracy is maintained through an overview set up on-line for all participants to have access immediately to questions and suggestions of others.